Therapeutic Approach

Dr. Lucchesi follows an integrative approach to psychotherapy. She seeks understanding of her clients' problems  from a developmental, relational, and psycho dynamic framework,  but also selects methods from different schools of psychotherapy (i.e cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, family systems therapy)  to best fit the current needs of her clients. There is a plenty of research evidence that has demonstrated that psychotherapeutic treatments that are integrating in nature are effective in treating several depressive and anxiety conditions. There is also a growing agreement among psychotherapists and researchers that no single psychotherapeutic approach can be effective and appropriate for all patients, problems, and contexts.  From this framework of uniqueness and integration, Dr. Lucchesi strives to provide ethical, research based, professional services where her clients are treated with respect and dignity. 

Contact Me

Due to Covid-19, Dr. Lucchesi is not taking new cases at this time. However, feel free to contact her office if you would like more information about her practice. Dr. Lucchesi will try her best to contact you within 48 hours, but it could take until one week.

Maria A. Lucchesi, PhD

1398 SW 160th Ave Suite 302

Sunrise FL 33326

phone 305-867-6856



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